SIE/ENAC Project

The SIE/ENAC Project is a research project to be conducted under the supervision of a professor(s) or of an EPFL lecturer(s).

The “SIE/ENAC project” component is a mandatory component to be fulfilled during the M2 or M3 semester.

The ENAC project deals with interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary topics related to SIE or ENAC fields. This project can either be carried out by a SIE student or by a group of two students from different ENAC sections. In the latter case, the project should be co-supervised by IIE professors and by professors of different sections depending on the topic.

The SIE Project is specifically in the SIE field under the supervision of one professor. The project is typically carried out individually, unless the laboratory or field work requires the participation of two people.

The work can be comprised of a pre-study for the master thesis/project. It can also be an opportunity for one or several students to gain more in-depth knowledge in a particular environmental subject of field.

For more information, read the guide for the SIE/ENAC project and the ENAC projects (semester projects and master projects).

There is no automatic enrollment, each student MUST register on IS-Academia. It’s not possible to unsubscribe.

  • A “portal of projects” is accessible to any student in SIE, in secure access via IS-Academia. But you must contact the teacher in charge of the project even after registration in the “Portal”.
  • Please also have a look at the research projets listed on the IIE labs web sites and contact the professor if the domain is of interest for you.
  • You can also submit a draft to be discussed and approved by the teacher.


The work must be submitted to the teachers at the latest on Friday 14th January 2022.

The teachers must enter the grades on IS-Academia before Monday 14th February 2022.