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Sustainability Initiative

Travel Less Without Loss is one of the sustainability initiatives of the EPFL School of Life Sciences. The intiative grew out of the knowledge that approximately 30 percent of EPFLs carbon footprint is attributed to business travel.

The project aims to identify ways to decrease the carbon footprint caused by scientific related travel with the least disruption to the advancement of science and to the careers of scientists. It is a feasibility study to determine the requirements and potential impact of remote conferencing facilities designed by and implemented at EPFL to connect scientists locally and globally.

The goal is to improve accessibility to scientific conferences, data and results, while not neglecting the importance of social contact in such events. Travel Less Without Loss aims to significantly reduce travelling not to abolish it.

Guidelines for Sustainable Travel

A listing of three best Practives on how to plan your travel to minimize the impact on travel related CO2 emissions. Learn how to access and use the tools and facilities the School of Life Sciences has put into place to support and encourage complicance with those three Best Practices.

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Route Rank

An application that helps you find the most environmental-friendly route to your travel destination. routeRank plays an important role in Travel Less without Loss as it will provide anonymous data on the number of travel searches and travel route selections by faculty and staff. The data help to evaluate the changes in travel planning and habits compared to the period prior to the publication of the guidelines for sustainable travel.