Apply for e-mail addresses

So that we may contact you at all times, recognized associations are kindly requested to apply to [email protected] with copy to [email protected] for the following e-mail addresses:

  • [email protected] (the e-mails of all Committee Members may be embedded in this generic address)
  • [email protected] (the e-mails of the Association President and Vice Presidents if applicable may be embedded in this generic address)

This provides you with a permanent “alias” type address which you may redirect to the committee members concerned.

Please remember to ask for the actualization of the redirections each time the Committee changes!!! (IMPORTANT: thanks in advance to specify which emails to delete and which emails to add).

NB: Students who are exmatriculated during their mandate must make sure they transfer all their contacts or usefull files for their associative activities before the access to their epfl mailbox first [email protected] is disabled.