Analysis of pedestrian flows on the platform 2 of Lausanne’s train station

This collaborative project investigates the pedestrian flows on platform 2 of Lausanne’s train station in both a quantitative and a qualitative way.

Platform 2 is the busiest platform of Lausanne’s train station: not only in terms of the number of passengers, but also because of the complexity of the flows of pedestrians. For this reason, it has been selected for study by the Swiss Federal Railways in collaboration with the Transportation Center.

It will be possible to extrapolate results of this research to other platforms of the Lausanne’s train station, by using appropriate adjustment factors. Some general findings will also enable SBB to better understand the general behavior of users on the platforms.

This research project will last six months and is conducted by the Transportation Center under the supervision of Sonia Lavadinho. It is sponsored by Swiss Federal Railways.

Principal investigators Michaël Thémans, Sonia Lavadinho
Project manager Sonia Lavadinho
Sponsor SBB CFF FFS 
Period 2012
Laboratories TRACE, TRANSP-OR
External partner VisioSafe
Collaboration TRACE