Dual career support at EPFL

  • EPFL is a member of the International Dual Career Network (IDCN), a non-profit association including companies, NGOs and academic institutions with the purpose of facilitating the job search for mobile employees’ partners.
  • EPFL Faculty Affairs is in charge of providing welcome services for new faculty hires. If specifically requested, EPFL Faculty Affairs can also provide information and help regarding job search for spouses of new faculty hires at EPFL. Such support provided for job search is necessarily limited and does not guarantee employment.
  • ACIDE coordinates [email protected], a network run by a group of volunteers for and by international spouses and partners of PhD students and scientists at EPFL. The network aims at helping newcomers learn more about the region of Lausanne, exchange international experiences, and build new friendships. ACIDE also organizes French courses for spouses and Postdocs.