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Initiated in 2009, the Transportation Center is the interface between EPFL and the outside world for all topics related to transport and mobility of people and goods.

The Transportation Centre (TRACE) is an interdisciplinary centre attached to the Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs (VPA). With the help of some forty EPFL laboratories, the Transport Centre provides the necessary skills and expertise to meet the increasingly complex challenges associated with transportation and mobility of people and goods.

The transport sector is of a deeply transversal nature, and therefore gathers actors from a broad range of disciplines. In addition to developing a high-level multidisciplinary research in order to bring added-value solutions to societal problems, TRACE aims to strengthen the visibility of transport research at EPFL and to exploit existing and new synergies by bringing together expertise from several laboratories.

TRACE is also the main point of contact for forming partnerships and consortia to participate in EU-funded research programmes and other funding mechanisms.

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TRACE is an interdisciplinary center attached to the EPFL Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs (VPA).

For more information do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

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