2007-2010 Seminars


15.12.2010 Prof. Bhaven Sampat
10.12.2010 Nathan Furr, Brigham Young University
“The Dangers of Deep Knowledge: New Ventures in the U.S. Solar Industry”
06.12.2010 Professor David Levine, Washington University:
“Is Behavioral Economics Doomed?”Autres articles
10.11.2010 Daniel Corsten, IE Business School
“Out-of-Stocks – Extent, Causes and Consequences”
1.11.2010 Thomas Weber, Stanford University
“Models and decisions: A robust approach to finding both”
11.11.2010 François Margot, Carnegie Mellon
“Upper and Lower Bounds for Optimization Problems”
22.10.2010 David Gann et Mark Dodgson, Imperial College:
“The future of innovation studies”
11.10.2010 Gunnar Eliasson: 
“Advanced Public Procurement as Industrial Policy- Aircraft industry as a technical university”
18.06.2010 Michael Ensley, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
“Leadership Balance”
16.04.2010 Prof. Vinod Singhal, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Demand-supply mismatch and shareholder value:Evidence from excess inventory announcements”
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01.03.2010 Prof. Michael Jacobides, London Business School:
“Who wins in a sector, and why? How the dynamics of a segment shape its position in the industry architecture”
08.03.2010 Prof. Corey Phelps, HEC (Paris):
“Knowledge Sharing within Multipartner Alliances: The Influence of Coalitions, Competition and Power “
25.03.2010 Prof. Paul Windrum, Nottingham University Business School:
“The Role of Design in Product Innovation: Design Frames and the Development of the Portable Computer”


09.12.2009 Prof. Louise Mors, Assistant Professor of Strategic and International Management, London Business School
“A Bridge too far: spanning different boundaries and the effects on exploration performance”
03.12.2009 Dr Norris Krueger,from the Max Planck Institute of Economics,
“Social? Sustainable? Entrepreneurial? Lessons in Mapping the Opportunity Space”
27.11.2009 Prof. Erwin Danneels (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
“(De-)institutionalizing Organizational Competence: Olivetti’s Transition from Mechanical to electronic Technology”
16.11.2009 Prof. Francisco Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University
“Technological Spillovers and the Agglomeration of the Semiconductor Industry in Silicon Valley”
09.11.2009 Prof. Maw Der Foo, University of Colorado, Boulder
“How Do Feelings Influence Effort? An Empirical Study of Entrepreneurs’ Affect and Venture Effort”
03.11.2009 William van Caenegem Faculty of Law, Bond University, Australia
“The law’s impact on the mobility of employees’ tacit knowle”
07.07.2009 Prof. Reinhilde Veugelers / Prof. Jerry Thursby / Prof. Marie Thursby
“University-industry technology transfer: Best Practices and impact on academic research”
30.06.2009 Prof. Lourdes Sosa, London Business School
“Decoupling Market Incumbency from Organizational Pre-History”
29.06.2009 Prof. Sanjay Jain, San Francisco State University
“Institutional entrepreneurship in technology standards evolution: The case of Ethernet”
17.06.2009 Prof. Bronwyn H. Hall and Prof. Luc Soete.
“R&D and innovation in times of crisis. From macro-economics to climate change: European and Swiss challenges”
This very special seminar has been jointly organised by Avenir Suisse and EPFL
28.05.2009 Prof. David Levine, Washington University, St. Louis,
“Intellectual Property”
29.05.2009 Prof. Anju Seth, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech.
“Institutions, the Theory of the Firm and Value Creation: Evidence from Acquisition Activity”
08.05.2009 Dr. Dr. Holger Patzelt, Max Planck Institute, Jena
“Entrepreneurial Emotions”
12.05.2009 Prof. Xavier Castaner, UNIL,
“The Project Performance Consequences of Collaborative vs. Autonomous Product Development: A Study of the Worldwide Aircraft Industry 1942-1998”, by X. Castañer, L. Mulotte, B. Garrette and P. Dussauge.
21.04.2009 Prof. Keld Laursen , Copenhagen Business School
“In The Know: Exploring the Effect of Geographical Proximity on Industry-University Collaboration in the UK” (with Toke Reichstein and Ammon Salter).
09.04.2009 Peter Reiser (Principal Engineer at the CTO Office at Sun Microsystems and Chief Architect for SunSpace) .
“Community Equity – A social value system for social networks and communities”.
31.03.2009 Max Boisot (University of Birmingham), and Martin Ihrig (Wharton School, Univ. of Pennsylvania)
“Smash Hit: Some Reflections on Knowledge Creation in the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN”
17.03.2009 Matthias Dewatripont, ULB (Brussels)
“Academia versus private research in the process of innovation : on the value of academic freedom and openness”
Dietmar Harhoff, LMU (Muenich), Discussion
13.03.2009 Andreas Rauch, Erasmus University
“Long-term Success and Failure of Newly Founded Business Ventures: the Role of Human Capital, Start-up Business Planning and Risk Taking”
06.03.2009 Prof. Georg Von Krogh
“Leadership in organizational Knowledge Creation”
20.02.2009 Prof. Daniel Forbes, University of Minnesota (Carlson School of Management)
“Recognizing and responding to the Problem of ephemeral Records in emerging Industries”


12.12.2008 Prof. Joachim Henkel (Techn. U. of Munich)
“Emergence of Openness”
21.11.2008 Prof. Florian Taube, European Business School
“The Banyan and the Birch Tree: Family Ties and Embeddedness in the Indian Film Industry in Bollywood
14.11.2008 Dr. Dominique Finon, Centre International de Recherche sur l’Environnement et le Développement
“Evolution of economic approaches of public service in liberalized network industries”
10.11.2008 Prof. Saras Sarasvathy, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia:
“Effectuation: Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise”
Article: “Marketing under Uncertainty: the Logic of an effectual Approach”
Book extract: “Effectuation: Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise”
04.11.2008 Prof. Artur Baldauf (University of Bern)
“Risk taking propensity of entrepreneurial firms”
28.10.2008 Prof. Stefano Gnocchi
“Discretionary Fiscal Policy and Optimal Monetary Policy in a Currency Area”
26.09.2008 Prof. Vinod Singhal from Georgia Institute of Technology
“Supply Chain Disruptions and Corporate Performance”
03.06.2008 Prof. Daniel Snow , Harvard University
“Capturing Benefits from Tomorrow’s Technology in Today’s Products: The Effect of Absorptive Capacity”
30.05.2008 Prof. Erwin Danneels, Worcester Polytechnique Institute
“Second-Order Competences and Schumpeterian Rents”
15.05.2008 Prof. Luca Anderlini, Georgetown University, Washington DC
“Communication and Learning”
23.05.2008 Prof. Joseph Mahoney, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
“Towards a Stakeholder Theory of Strategic Management”
09.05.2008 Prof. Manfred Schwaiger, University of Munich.
“Do Companies Benefit from Corporate Reputation?”
21.04.2008 Prof. Boris Durisin, Bocconi University
“Modularity and Strategic Flexibility”
11.04.2008 Hervé Lebret, EPFL
“Start-up: What we may still learn from Silicon Valley”
04.04.2008 Guido Traficante, Department of Economics and Institutions, Tor Vergata University, Roma
“Monetary Policy with Parameter Uncertainty in Small-Open Economy”
17.03.2008 Prof. Preeta Bannerjee, Brandeis University
“An Evolutionary Approach to Leveraging Knowledge into New Technology and Applications”
18.03.2008 Prof. Douglas Miller, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
“Implications of Internal Organization Structure for Firm Boundaries”
26.02.2008 Henrique Basso
“Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy with Endogenous Financial Dollarization”
20.02.2008 Dr. Chiara Forlati
“On the Benefits of a Monetary Union: does it pay to be bigger ?”
04.02.2008 Raul Razo-Garcia
“The Connections Between Exchange Rate and Capital Account Liberalization”


27.11.2007 Dr. Armando Garcia Luna, VP (R&D), Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua
Technology portfolio identification using empirical patent analyses”
12.11.2007 Prof. Christopher Bingham, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
“Opening the Black Box of Organizational Expertise: Understanding what firms learn from their process experience and how that learning unfolds over time”
24.08.2007 Prof. Nikolaus Franke, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
“Profiting from User Innovativeness: The Research Program of the User Innovation Research Initiative Vienna”
05.11.2007 Prof. Victor Seidel, Said Business School, University of Oxford and Fellow of Trinity College
“Crafting interpretation in ambiguous contexts: Entrepreneurial teams and the collective evolution of novel product concepts”
08.10.2007 Prof. Toshio OBI, Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies, Waseda University, Japan
“Recent Research Activities in the Field of e-Governance and e-Government at Waseda University”
24.09.2007 Prof. Wim Vanhaverbeke , Hasselt University & Eindhoven University of Technology
“Implementing open innovation”
15.06.2007 Luca Onorante, European Central Bank Seminar
“The economic importance of fiscal rules”
21.05.2007 Prof. Joel West , San Jose State University
“Balancing Intrapreneurial Innovation vs. Entrepreneurial Spinoffs During Periods Of Technological Ferment”
27.04.2007 Prof. Chet Miller , Wake Forest University
“Reflections on Publishing Management Research: Lessons from the Field”
25.04.2007 Prof. Laura Cardinal , Tulane University
“Organizing for New Product Development: Aligning Project Environment and Design”
05.04.2007 Prof. Paul Kleindorfer , INSEAD
“Postal Access, Current State of the Science and Open Questions”
28.03.2007 Prof. Dietmar Harhoff , University of Munich
“European Patent Citations – How to Count and How to Interpret Them”