A sustainable event

At EPFL, we hold ourselves up to the highest standards of sustainability. This is reflected in our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2020, our use of exclusively renewable energy for our heating, cooling, and power generation systems, our pioneering mobility strategy that promotes clean transportation, our business trip policy that aims to reduce air travel, our exemplary waste-management process, and our various initiatives to raise awareness of environmental issues among students and staff.

Opening doors to sustainability

Our Portes Ouvertes event is no exception. We have designed the event to be fully sustainable, with additional public transportation and cycling options, local and seasonal food offerings, and a zero-plastic, zero-waste policy. We will also be providing useful information on the sustainability efforts at our school.

Eco-responsible event

Having been active for more than ten years in the area of sustainable development, EPFL plans to make its Open House an eco-responsible and exemplary event.

The following watchwords have been adopted:

  • 0 cars
  • 0 plastic
  • 0 waste

To achieve that, the following measures have been implemented:

  • Mobility*: public transport will be free in the whole Mobilis zone and there will be many sheltered, secured bicycle parking spaces, all clearly indicated.
  • Plastic: all the restaurants involved will replace PET plastic bottles by drinks on tap, and food will be distributed without any plastic wrapping.
  • Waste: all the dishes will be washable and without a deposit (glasses, cups, plates and cutlery).
  • Bonus:
    1. On this occasion, EPFL will test a new digital and ecological currency, in partnership with its partner My:DIO, who will offer a 5% discount in some partner restaurants
    2. A fruit squeezer operated by bikes will be inaugurated (project in collaboration with Geneva-based organization Label-Vie)

*For all those who cannot avoid using the car, a few free parking spaces will nevertheless be indicated near the event.


Mobility: to benefit from free public transport in the Mobilis zone, visitors must register on the website (more information to come) (name, first name and address) and print or upload on their smartphone a travel voucher to be shown in the event of a ticket inspection.

Plastic/waste: four booths providing information and for the distribution/return of no-deposit washable dishes will be available on the site (glasses in all points of sale). The new EPFL waste sorting and collection points are distributed across the whole perimeter of the event.

5% MyDio discount: using your smartphone, scan the QR code found on the public transport vouchers or at the entrance of partner restaurants and show it at the till.