Accuplate, hotplate for SU-8 PEB and hardbake

( Left ) Accuplate ramped hotplate (controller under the table)

To be read first:

  • The Accuplate is not equipped with an exhaust. Due to this it should never be used for polymer (SU-8, photoresists,…) softbake, to avoid evaporation of solvents into the zone.
  • Used with aluminum protection foil only. Users should ask the staff to change it if unexpected contamination or damage are visible.
  • Please immediately inform the CMi staff in case of problems with the equipment.


  1. Reservation names must correspond to operators.


  1. Introduction
  2. Equipement description
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I. Introduction

Accuplate is a large-area (up to nine 4″ wafers) hotplate controlled by a Präzitherm PR 5 SR unit. It operates with two distinct modes: 1) fixed temperature or 2) programmed multi-step temperature profile.

It is mainly used, as a backup to the Sawatec HP 401-Z, for SU-8 PEB and hardbake steps.

Other types of thermal processes should be discussed with the equipment responsibles.

II. Equipment description

Technical characteristics:

  • Large-area hotplate combined with PR 5 SR controller
  • Nine 4″ wafers maximum
  • Maximum temperature 350 °C, precision +/- 0.5 °C
  • Hotplate surface > 300 mm x 300 mm
  • Programmable temperature ramps with up to 5 steps


The documentation for the SU-8 process is found here:

III. User manuals

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V. Pictures gallery