Staff Challenge 2015

For its first edition, Act for Change took place between the 9th and the 29th of November 2015. All EPFL employees were invited and 560 of them actively participated, representing 10% of EPFL staff!

The winners

First price: a dinner at restaurant Bois-Genoud

Team Les Gros: Marie-Hélène Descary, Momchil Minkov, Samuel Dubuis, Nadine Schmit, Elena Labenet and Viljami Laurmaa

Second price: a vegetarian cooking workshop

Team Admins EDOC: Anne Kolly, Cecile Taverney, Alice Emery Goodman, Sandra Roux, Corinne Lebet and Anna Maira.

Third price: a vegetarian cooking workshop

Team Green Hearts: Nicoletta Isaac, Cecilia Chapuis, Corinne Lori Reymond, 
Monica Navarro Suarez, secretary , SV

Coup de coeur: gift vouchers for the EPFL market

Team Green Peas: Nicola Brown, Coralie Busso, Georgios Hatzopoulous, Radek Jankele, Veronika Nemcikova and Jian Qiu

Price draw among all participants

  • Solar bag : Géraldine Buttet, team La Belle Equipe
  • Panier cadeau Terre Vaudoise: André Schneider, team Ceux de la VPRI
  • CFF Day-pass : Aïcha Hessler-Wyser, team Assemblée d’Ecole
  • Gift vouchers for the EPFL market: André Nogueira, team REACT

Staff’s ideas

The EPFL staff shared 95 ideas of sustainable actions for the staff challenge 2017 as well as 63 measures regarding EPFL infrastructuresThey have been presented to the Environment Commission. Four of them will be implemented:

  • Reusable tableware for take away food
  • Installation of composts
  • Installation of urban vegetable gardens
  • Gratitude gift for the cleaning staff

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