CNP during COVID19

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As we are all locked in at home, we have to face many hurdles:

  • it is very difficult to sustain a working schedule of 8 hours a day at home, even in normal conditions, with a very well-organized setting. It is even worst today.
  • We are all worried for our dear ones, relatives and our colleagues, which makes working at home very difficult.
  • Some of us have to deal with home child care, or to take care of persons who need assistance.
  • For most of us, being locked at home following a brutal interruption of  our daily routines may prove to be very hard in the middle term.
  • The uncertainty about the duration of the shutdown makes any planning difficult.

Be forgiving to others.

Be forgiving to yourself.

For all those reasons, we have to admit our limits in this difficult period, and try to do our best to remain united as a community, help each other get some distractions from the headline news, and while being fully conscious of the gravity of the situation, we shall also not forget that as scientists, engineers, technicians… we have a responsibility to continue our activities as much as possible (even if not in their usual format in the lab). Scientific creativity may take a lot of different forms, and the goal of this page is to propose community activities to help us all get through the current period while remembering why we are part of the Center for Neuroprosthetics.

We all face different situations. Some of us are strictly alone at home. Some of us have to take care of small children. Some of us have close families. Some of us have parents in danger. Some of us have working spouses. Some of us are comfortable being lonely, some of us  deeply suffer form lack of social interactions.

In this situation, we all have to take care of each others as much as we can. So if you feel that a colleague is in trouble, give him/her a call. If you don’t have the strength to help him/her, that’s no problem. But please share your concern with somebody else. For sure down the chain within the CNP community, somebody will be able to help.

If you are in trouble, be it that you are sick and can’t go out for food supply, or that you feel lonely and disoriented, or that you are extra worried about your relative’s situation, please take two steps:

  • reach out to your very own resource person; this might not be your supervisor, this might not be your best friend; this might not be the usual strong person in your group. This might well be this quiet and timid colleague you just don’t know very well. Just write him/her: “can we talk?”. In case you don’t want to share your difficulties with direct colleagues, you can always contact Niels Lion.
  • force yourself to have activities, projects and deadlines. In such situations, inactivity is your worst enemy. In case you don’t feel like you have enough lab-related activities to fill in your day, feel free to browse these pages, or contact Niels Lion, and do commit to doing something, whatever it is, with a precise deadline.

You are an experimental scientist stuck at home without data in stock to analyze? You just have submitted your latest manuscript and feel a bit disoriented about what to do next? You have lab-work to do, but do not feel like you can sustain 8 hours a day on that project, and would enjoy a little bit of something different? We have something for you: scientific, artistic, community activities that you can commit to, have fun doing, be proud of.

You will find here some resources, assembled for you by the CNP community.