The fantasy world of Aleksi Briclot

Dive into the world of science fiction with Aleksi Briclot and the Maison d’Ailleurs museum. Aleksi Briclot, the renowned French artist and illustrator of Marvel, and the Maison d’Ailleurs museum present: • “Genesis: From Sketches To Artwork”, an exhibition showing the richness and the perfect mastery of Aleksi Briclot’s work, as well as his futuristic vision of the numerical art. • A workshop dedicated to the transformation of an EPFL building to a futuristic building, where Marvel characters are the heroes. Come and discover a world of science fiction, utopia and fascinating journeys.

Born in 1978, the French artist Aleksi Briclot is considered as one of today’s best graphic designers  – whether in the field of gaming as a game designer or in the field of professional illustration. The world’s leading studios (Cryo interactive, Kalisto Entertainment, Duran, etc…) and the French art galleries are interested in his work.

After his studies in graphic design and visual communication, the young artist began to work in the illustration field and moved towards design and artistic direction for video games, particularly for the DontNod studio, which he co-founded in 2008.

As a multidisciplinary artist with a strong focus on fantasy and science fiction, Aleksi Briclot is producing concept arts for video games, illustrations and comic-book pages. The Maison d’Ailleurs was the first museum which offered to exhibit his work, and thus, the first to present his unique artistic retrospective to a large public.



Welcome to the world of Aleksi Briclot