Dr. Pascal Mieville

Get to know your neighbors – Seminar Series

“AI for chemistry ?”  
Dr. Pascal Miéville, Operational Director , Laboratory of Asymmetric Catalysis and Synthesis

Monday, Nov. 16, 2020 – 3:15 – 4:15pm (UTC+01:00)

As leaders of a chemical automation project, we look forward to integrate AI/ML capabilities at different level of the final platform. Chemical data are dirty and complex and we are not AI specialists.

Who can we contact ? What kind of AI algorithm can we apply ? What pitfalls should we care off ? Plus many more questions we do not have the answer and do not find easily good partners. We know what we want to achieve, we do not know how … we need your help !

Dr Pascal Miéville, Executive director EPFL CAT+, License in chemistry UNIGE, Master in chemistry EPFL, PhD EPFL in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with Prof G. Bodenhausen with specialty in dynamic nuclear polarization.

15 years of experience in pharmaceutical development in industry and as NMR platform leader at EPFL Lausanne and Sion. Former head of CBRN protection and operational logistics at Geneva state police.

In parallel and presently : operational consultant for CBRN, war toxic and explosives detection for Geneva professional firefighters SIS, Geneva bomb squad and United Nations Security.