Today’s world complex, open-ended and ill-defined challenges, such as climate change and social inequalities, require next-generation engineers and scientists to integrate a human and design-centric lenses in their practice.

Thus, the creation of innovative learning and teaching methods, and the development of new active learning spaces are crucial.

FIELD is a team from the CDH, gathering experts from the humanities and the design domain.

FIELD Design Framework
FIELD Design Framework

Goals of the FIELD team are:

  • To support and facilitate the creation and implementation of innovative interdisciplinary learning experiences, in the context of open-ended courses and programs.
    → See FIELD projects
  • To support EPFL teachers in the adoption and application of design-driven approaches in their courses or project-based learning experiences (including – but not limited to – design thinking, human-centered design, participatory design, inclusive design, sustainable design)
  • To support EPFL students to engage in a holistic design process in the context of bachelor/master projects, self-initiated projects, or entrepreneurial projects.

In addition, FIELD also aims to conduct interdisciplinary research projects to develop tools to ease the implementation, facilitation and scaling of design-driven approaches in an engineering educational context.