Careers – vacant positions at Blue Brain

Join the team at the Blue Brain Project

Blue Brain’s Team Science approach sees multi-disciplinary teams working together to build the world’s first biologically detailed digital reconstructions and simulations of the mouse brain.

Our aim is to establish simulation neuroscience as a complementary approach alongside experimental, theoretical and clinical neuroscience to understanding the brain.

Open Science and Open Source are key themes of our work. Through sharing our models and data as well as open sourcing our software and technology we are contributing to accelerating brain science and you can be a part of this.


+ Free parking

+ Onsite cafe and restaurant

+ Lake view

+ Remote work up to 40%

+ Train Station 50m

+ Language Lessons

+ Coffee and Swiss Chocolate

+ Nearby sports – skiing, hiking, swimming and much more

+ Jardin Botanique – two minute walk

+ 35 Nationalities

+ Onsite fitness room

+ Onsite nursery

+ Opportunities for skill development through training and conferences.

+ A modern working environment using HPC infrastructure

+ Cultural activities – Red Cross Museum, Philippe Patek Museum, Historic Old Town, Multi-culture cuisine

Scientific Positions

Postdoctoral researcher in in-silico neuroscience – structure-function relation W/M

Astrocyte and Vascular Postdoctoral Scholar (W/M)

Post-doctoral Researcher in whole mouse brain modelling (W/M)

Post-doctoral Researcher in Computational modelling of the mouse olfactory bulb (W/M)

Post-doctoral Researcher in Computational Modelling of the Mouse Cerebellum (W/M)

Post-doctoral Researcher in Computational Modelling of the Mouse Hippocampus W/M (2positions)

Post-doctoral Researcher in Biophysically Detailed Neuron Modeling and Experimentation W/M

Post-doctoral Researcher in Computational generation of axonal morphologies W/M

Data Scientist W/M 

Computing and Engineering Positions

Web Portal Product Owner W/M

Software Trainer W/M

Software engineer – Frontend Web Developer (W/M)

Python Software Engineer W/M

Software Engineer – Frontend Web Developer (W/M)

Knowledge Graph Engineer (W/M)

Software Engineer, Image Processing, Computer Graphics (W/M)

Site Reliability Engineer (W/M)

Machine Learning Engineer W/M

Software engineer – Scala Developer (W/M)

Lead Scientific Python Software Engineer, Brain Atlasing (W/M)

Software Engineer – Senior Frontend Web Development W/M

Software Engineer, Frontend Web Developer (W/M) – 6 months contract (up to 8 months)

Software Architect / Scala Technical Lead (W/M)

Junior Section Manager – Machine Learning (W/M)

Operational Positions