Careers – vacant positions at Blue Brain

Scientific Positions

Post-doctoral Researcher in Computational modelling of thalamo-cortical circuits W/M

Postdoctoral researcher in in-silico neuroscience – structure-function relation W/M

Post-doctoral Researcher in Computational generation of axonal morphologies W/M

Astrocyte and Vascular Postdoctoral Scholar (W/M)

Post-doctoral Researcher in Computational modelling of neuromodulation (W/M)

Post-doctoral Researcher in whole mouse brain modelling (W/M)

Computing and Engineering Positions

Site Reliability Engineer W/M

Knowledge Graph Engineer W/M

Software engineer, Python developer (W/M)

Web Portal Product Owner W/M

Software Trainer W/M

Software engineer – Frontend Web Developer (W/M)

Software engineer – Scala Developer (W/M)

Product Manager W/M

Product Designer W/M

Scientific Illustrator W/M

Python Software Engineer W/M

Machine Learning Engineer W/M

C++/Python Software Engineer W/M

Operational Positions