Omar Awile

High Performance Computing


Omar Awile is a High Performance Engineer in the High Performance Computing team of the Computing Division and Schürmann Group.

In the HPC Team, he works on a number of diverse topics. These range from developing and maintaining Blue Brain’s cellular simulation toolchain based on the NEURON simulation framework and the NMODL DSL, to opportunities to further optimize and scale Blue Brain’s HPC codes. With the Schürmann group, he investigates novel approaches for pushing Blue Brain’s envelope in terms of parallel scalability and computational performance such as through physics-informed neural networks.

Prior to joining the Blue Brain Project, Omar worked at the Intel Exascale Lab in Paris and at CERN’s Openlab, researching multi- and manycore hardware platforms and participating in various international collaborations with academic and industrial partners.

Omar received his Ph.D. at ETH Zurich in 2013 in the field of High-Performance Computing. During his doctoral studies he developed a parallel hybrid particle-mesh numerical library and DSL that bridges the knowledge gap, providing a framework for scientists to use large-scale computing for simulating complex biological systems.

In his free time, Omar goes scuba-diving and enjoys travelling and photography.


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