Business travel by plane

Business air travel is EPFL’s main source of CO2 emissions. EPFL Sustainability works to reduce and compensate for this impact through several innovative initiatives.

Scientists have always traveled around the world, whether to explore or share ideas. These international collaborations have intensified further in recent years with participation in European projects, for example. However, these frequent trips account for more than a third of EPFL’s CO2 emissions (11,015 tons of CO2-eq), leading to the University’s clear responsibility to control these environmental impacts.

EPFL Presidency therefore commissioned three studies to help define a new travel policy that would mitigate the impact of business trips by plane without affecting academic performance.

Business mobility studies


Analysis of existing travel data

Quantify the ecological footprint and estimate the potential for reducing CO2 emissions.

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Correlation between academic performance and CO2 emissions

Determine whether there is a link between air travel and the academic performance of Professors.


Business mobility survey

Understand the reasons for travel, the practices and needs of researchers.

Travel Less Without Loss

Travel Less Without Loss

The School of Life Sciences, in collaboration with EPFL Sustainability, has launched a pilot project aimed at significantly reducing air travel


As part of the Travel Less Without Loss project, guidelines on sustainable travel have been drafted


On the occasion of the launch of TLWL, a public exhibition on the environmental impact of air travel was held on campus

Travel smart


How to book a train travel at EPFL

SBB Ticketshop allows you to buy tickets online with a 10% discount In case of questions or if you need support when booking a train ticket, you can contact the SBB Passenger Contact Centre on 0848 111 456 International train tickets can be purchased at the TL shop on the Esplanade

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CO2 compensation

It is possible for laboratories and EPFL units to offset CO2 emissions from air travel via the operating budget



Use routeRank to search for ecologically friendly travel options. This tool helps you compare different travel routes in a single search in accordance with the SV Travel Guidelines and best practices

Other universities


Other universities

Discover the flight reduction projects of other universities.


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