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Sex and gender analysis improves science and engineering

The goal of sex and gender analysis is to promote rigorous, reproducible and responsible science.

The Rules of the Diversity and Inclusion Racket

What white people really mean when they talk about diversity in higher education.

Mitigating gender bias in student evaluations of teaching

Student evaluations of teaching are widely believed to contain gender bias.

How Women Can Escape the Likability Trap

Powerful women know how to flip feminine stereotypes to their advantage.

Parental leave would institutionalize male part-time work

Alain Salamin, a lecturer at HEC Lausanne, listed ten solutions to achieve gender equality at work in Le Temps.

Discrimination drives LGBT+ scientists to think about quitting

Despite progress, many physical scientists from sexual and gender minorities experience exclusion or harassment at work, finds UK survey.

Measures to ensure that women have equal career opportunities

Academia is wondering how to recruit more women to leadership positions. One option is to have at least one woman on recruitment committees.

Women in leadership bring better business performance

A new report shows gender diversity improves business outcomes, and makes it easier to attract talent. The report also looks at the reasons behind the continuing gender diversity deficits, and makes recommendations for breaking the cycle.

In Swiss Academic Science, Charges of Bullying and Gender Bias

Following charges against a female scientist, some faculty at Switzerland’s elite universities say the country has a gender equity problem.

For women, part-time work remains a real barrier to a career

Last year, twice as many women as men changed jobs to reconcile private and professional life. For Robin Gordon, director of the Interiman agency, Switzerland is the heir to a societal model that is “out of step” with current expectations.

Survey Highlights “Shocking” Gender Bias Among PI Pay in UK

Young science professors, both men and women, say their institutions don’t support them with enough mentoring and resources yet ask them to teach sometimes up to 40 hours a week.

10 Women in Science and Tech who should be Household Names

about recognizing the hardships women face and the continued urgency of the fight for gender equality.

Scientists’ salary data highlight US$18,000 gender pay gap

Female PhD recipients in the United States expect to earn less than male colleagues.

Where Are All the Female Architects?

Nearly half of architecture students are women. Why are so few sticking with the industry after graduation?

An academic mother’s wish list: 12 things universities need

There are many ways to create an inclusive workplace, say Julia Leventon, Katy Roelich and Lucie Middlemiss.