Waste Packaging


All P2 waste (produced during research activities in a P2 laboratory) must be decontaminated before being eliminated. This includes:

  • Biological samples
  • Culture media
  • Laboratory material (tubes, pipette tips, serological pipettes, etc.)
  • Gloves and other protective equipment
  • Packages of all products handled in a P2 laboratory
  • Etc.

NB: P2 Lab coats should also be placed in specific sealed bags, before being taken out of the P2 laboratories for decontamination and washing.

Users are in charge of properly packing and identifying all waste that needs to be collected and treated by our Facility personnel, as follows:

  • Solid Waste:

All solid waste (gloves, packages, plasticware, etc.) must be discarded in a biohazard garbage bag and sealed with a closure clamp. These can be ordered from the SV Store through Catalyse with the following references:

– Biohazard bag: code19

– Closure clamp: code21

A P2 barcode must be placed on the bags before placing them in the red plastic boxes for disposal.

Attention! It is the laboratory responsibility to make sure that the bags are intact and not punctured because of their contents. If a bag is broken, the users must rewrap the bag and its content carefully in an additional bag. The users are asked to be careful when discarding serological pipettes, so they do not puncture the bags.

  • Sharp Objects:

All sharp objects (scalpels, needles, etc.) or glass debris (broken glass, glass tubes etc.) have to be discarded in specific plastic boxes. These boxes can also be ordered from the SV Store, with the references below:

– E-Safe bin 1.7L: code174

– E-Safe bin 3.1L: code628

– E-Safe bin 7L: code629

This bins should also be labeled with the barcode before being placed in the red boxes for waste disposal.

  • Petri Dishes and Agar Waste containing P2 bacteria or Class 1 GMOs

All gels and agar waste have to be discarded in yellow 30L plastic containers. These can be ordered by email directly from our Facility. Once filled these containers have to be placed in the waste collection area with a P2 barcode label. The bins will be disposed of by our Facility.

  • Liquid Waste:

All P2 liquid waste has to be collected in 4 Liters PP flasks, resisting the autoclaving conditions. These flasks can be ordered through Catalyse as well, with the reference here:

– Bottle Heavy Duty 4L: code867

Once the flasks filled up, they have to be closed, wiped with decontaminant, labeled with the appropriate P2 label and placed in the red plastic boxes.

Attention! For hygiene and security reasons it is mandatory to fill the flasks to the 3/4 of their capacity! Our personnel will not be collecting overfilled flasks. The users may use some decontaminating agent prior to disposing of their liquid waste, such as Gigasept and Virkon. However, it is absolutely forbidden to use bleach or Vesphene.

IMPORTANT: Each P2 waste container, bag or flask, must be properly identified with an adequate barcode label. The labels can be ordered by email to our Facility.

More informaiton on the biological wast management can be found in the biosafety pages here.

NB: All animal related P1 or P2 waste has to be disposed of by the CPG. The users concerned are asked to contact Mrs Emilie Gesina. This waste cannot be discarded with the regular biological waste.