Copyright and publishing

The Library offers its expertise on the Swiss Copyright Law and Text & Data Mining (TDM).

A work produced in Switzerland is automatically protected by the Swiss Copyright Law that exhaustively defines the exceptions for users, including the right of quotation, the right of private copy, the private use for educational purposes and the duration of copyright.

Relation author-publisher

In the frame of the traditional publication (subscription-based journals), the authors signs a contract with the publisher. This contract may be a total or partial transfer of copyright and may be governed by a foreign law. The author is entitled to negotiate some clauses in order to retain certain rights on his/her publication (including reuse rights). SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) proposes an addendum that can be submitted to the publisher during the negotiation.

The Library supports authors to read and understand contracts support and offers its expertise in licenses.

In the context of Gold Open Access publication or a free dissemination, the author is the copyright holder.

Creative Commons licenses help authors to decide which rights they want to transfer to someone else.


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