Open Science Day

18 October 2019
Forum Rolex

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of EPFL, I wanted to give the important topic of open and reproducible science the place it deserves.

I decided to invite a group of world-class researchers and policy makers and ask them to share their thoughts on several pressing questions.

How can we successfully transition to digital scholarship? What will knowledge production and dissemination resemble in the future?

I would be delighted if you would join our discussion.

Martin Vetterli, President of EPFL

The detailed program will be unveiled soon. In the meantime, save the date in your calendar!

This full-day event will take place in the main auditorium of the landmark Rolex Learning Center on EPFL Campus.

Open science is a complex and transversal topic that can only be understood when a variety of point of views collide. We invited world-class researchers and policy makers, from both sides of the Atlantic, to give their perspective on the promises and challenges of open and reproducible science.

We are honored to confirm that the following people have accepted our invitation to share their expertise with the participants:

Sir Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief Springer Nature

Ingrid Daubechies, Duke University

Fabiola Gianotti, CERN Director-General

Maria Leptin, EMBO Director

José Moura, IEEE President Elect

Fernando Perez, University of California Berkeley

Robert-Ian Smits, TU/e Executive Board President

Marcel Salathé, EPFL

Bruno Strasser, University of Geneva

Jeannette Wing, Columbia University

More information will follow.

The event is open to all and free to attend.

Registration will open on 16 May 2019.