Mobility and propulsion

Improvements to rotor blades may lead to lower UAS noise, an important feature for UAS societal acceptance.  The configuration of the propulsion system will also vary, including winded hybrid systems capable of vertical take-off and winged flight, flapping wings design resembling birds or UAS modifying their buoyancy in air.

Relevant EPFL laboratories

BIOROB – Biorotics Laboratory (Auke Ijspeert)

Bio-inspired robotics, control and locomotion.

GTT – Group of Thermal Turbomachinery (Peter Ott)

Steady and unsteady flows in thermal turbomachinery

LAI – Integrated Actuators Laboratory (Yves Perriard)

Electric drives and motors, contactless energy transfer

LIS – Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (Dario Floreano)

Aerial, evolutionary and soft robotics

UNFOLD – Unsteady Flow Diagnostics Laboratory (Karen Mulleners)

Unsteady flows and aerodynamics. Bio-inspired robotic flapping winds.