This section provides instructors with information concerning the use of their course materials and the use of published works for teaching. Professors interested in learning more about student’s rights regarding their semester (or other) projects are invited to consult the Students section. Information on their own publications can be found in the PhD candidates / Researchers section. In this section, we assume that all citation rules are well known.

Instructors hold the rights on any course materials that they created. EPFL has a non exclusive right to use these course materials. The educational exception permits instructors to reuse published works protected by copyright in their courses.

Instructors retain the copyright on the course materials they created. As their employer, EPFL has the non-exclusive right to use these materials.

Course materials, collections of exercises, and exams are protected by copyright as long as they can be considered an intellectual creation with individual character as outlined in article 2 of the Loi fédérale sur le droit d’auteur et les droits voisins.

If assistants contributed in preparing lecture notes, the instructor has the right to use their contributions freely, but is required to cite them or to specify them as co-authors.

Adding a © sign has no influence on the protection of a published work. It is, however, recommended to add a warning to lecture notes, such as:

“Any reproduction or distribution of this document, in whole or in part, is prohibited, unless permission is granted by the author.”

An instructor may also share his course materials under a v Creative Commons license to authorize their reuse.

The educational exception grants instructors the permission to use excerpts of works, under the conditions that:

Instructors may distribute excerpts of works to their students, but it is forbidden for them to distribute works in their integrity. If they would like their students to own a copy of a work (e.g. a user manual, a book, etc.), the students (or EPFL’s library) must purchase it.

An instructor may, however, present entire audio or audiovisual productions to his class.

To avoid inappropriate use, instructors are recommended to label any distributed works (or excerpts of works) with “Reproduction or distribution is forbidden.”

Instructors at EPFL are allowed to reuse course materials prepared within the institution, as specified by the non-exclusive copyright that EPFL holds on documents created by its employees.

The citation rules must nonetheless be respected.

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