Tech4Dev is the dedicated global South program of Tech4Impact. The program focuses on innovation acceleration and aims at bridging the theory-practice gap in order to develop and implement innovative technological solutions that can scale and reach a growing number of beneficiaries in the global South. 

The Tech4Dev Program will focus on providing experience-based education, promoting impactful entrepreneurial solutions, as well as innovative cross-sector research projects – all focused on the beneficiaries’ needs and opportunities in countries of the global South.

Tech4Dev seeks to empower a new generation of global engineers, who accelerate the implementation and adoption of innovative solutions in the global South. Have a look at our student impact programs.

The world needs a transition towards a more sustainable future. In this respect, entrepreneurs can act as change agents who realize opportunities for sustainable development. If you are a student or researcher at EPFL and you have an entrepreneurial idea that could solve a problem in the global South, have a look at our dedicated entrepreneurship programs: 

–      YGrant – for EPFL Bachelor and Master Students 

–      Playgrants – for EPFL Researchers

The Tech4Dev research activities consist of two calls for collaborative research projects between Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and EPFL researchers. The first call will be launched in December 2019 and will fund up to 4 projects for a duration of two years, starting from February 2020. 

A  second call will be launched in October 2020 with an additional 4 projects that will be funded for two years. The selection of projects will be done by an independent international expert panel.

Note: Each project will be supported with a maximum of CHF 300’000 each. This budget will need to be split according to the contribution of each of the project partners. At least 40% of the budget will need to be disbursed in the global South; a maximum of CHF 180k can be used for EPFL research activities, e.g. for funding of a PhD/ Post-Doc for up to two years.



Members of the Tech4Impact NGO Council had the opportunity to submit up to 3 challenges faced in the global South (please see documents below). 

Note: Applications for challenges are now closed for the first call for projects. A second round will open during the second half of 2020. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your institution is interested or if you have any additional questions.

NGO Submission Form

We kindly invite EPFL researchers to browse the challenges of the NGOs below to see if your developed technological solutions can be used to address one or more of these challenges. If a match is found, please fill in this form and send it back by 18 January 2020.

NGO Submitted challenges:

Application Form

Note: If your work does not match any challenge stated above, but relates to another pertinent problem in the global South, we invite you to fill in the form as well, writing N/A for the NGO collaboration sections. We will then try to match your work with one of our partner NGOs.

Please note that your technology or innovation should be ready for testing and implementation in the global South within the next 8-12 months. 

Deadline for all submissions: 18 January, 2020

The projects will be evaluated end of January 2020 by an international expert panel, with the official launch and on-boarding of the first 4 funded research projects in February 2020. The selection criteria can be found here:

Selection Criteria


In you have any additional question concerning the Tech4Dev program, do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]