Ritetrack 88

Rite Track coater developer


  1. Booking: Time slots of 30 minutes. No restriction.
  2. Reservation names must correspond to operators.
  3. Independent login for coating and developing
  4. Billing : login/logout.


  1. Introduction
  2. Prepare recipe and wafers
  3. Step by step operation
  4. FAQ

1. Introduction

Coater developer track are linear processing (operation are serial) for photoresist processing. The Rite Track Serie 88 at EPFL can process standard silicon SEMI-standard wafers of 100mm. Wafer handling is fully automatic for non transparent wafers. Low electrical conductivity material such as transparent wafers need assistance of operator. The machine is available for positive photoresist coating, softbake, PEB (post exposure bake), hardbake and development. HMDS adhesion promoter is not included in the line.

2. Checklist before starting

Call for all recipes load low level instructions to individual stations form a single menu. Labeling of recipes are as follow:


  • Track = C for coating; Dev for developing; B for bake only
  • Prep = Wafer preparation (No treatment for this tool)
  • FimThickness format _u6 = 0.6μm
  • Option are EC = Backside rinse ¦ EBR = Edge bead removal ¦ N = No cleaning ! forbidden for dry etching !

Resist = Three dispense lines as follow

    • 3007 = AZ ECI 3007 Thickness ranges from 0.7 to 1.5µm
    • 10XT = AZ 10XT-20 Thickness range 2.0 to 4.0 µm (single coat)
    • 3027 = AZ ECI 3027 Thickness ranges from 2.5 to 4.0 µm

Wafer preparation to be done using other tools (hotplate, Yes oven)

Perform appropriate surface preparation steps (dehydration, HMDS coating, …) based on process flow.

3. Step by step operation

4. FAQ

Error during download
During a process, multiple errors may occur:
Check which track has the problem
Verify alarm source and blinking red lamp near the temperature controller.
Check the error message on the corresponding cardcage
Press « Clear » to stop the alarm and « Diagnostic select », « 1 » to read message.
Try to fix the problem according to the error message
and press « Start » to continue.
Press « WAFER LOST » immediately if wafer is removed by hand followed by « Start » to continue.
If unsure, contact staff.
In case you don’t want to take risks with the process wafers, you can pick them up from the machine.
In this case immediately replace it with a dummy wafer. Otherwise it will be difficult to fix the problem and leads to a chain of errors difficult to handle correctly.