About EPFL Neuro Research

Neuro researchers at EPFL develop and apply new technologies to investigate brain function, dysfunction and therapy. Research areas include neural circuits, neurocomputation, neurotechnology, cellular and molecular neuroscience, cognitive and behavioural neuroscience as well as brain dysfunction and therapy.

The EPFL Blue Brain Project uses high performance computing to simulate the biophysical mechanisms of brain function.

The EPFL Centre for Neuroprosthetics develops novel technologies for investigating brain (dys)function, and translating these advances into therapies.

We are grateful to advice from the Scientific Advisory Board of the EPFL Brain Mind Institute: Prof. Barry Everitt, Prof. Sten Grillner, Prof. Michael Häusser, Prof. Christof Koch, Prof. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg and Prof. Carla Shatz.

The Brain Mind Institute has established collaboration agreements with partner institutions including some of the leading neuro research centers in Europe, USA and Asia, to promote international collaborations and expand the training opportunities for EPFL students and scientists.