enable invests in tomorrow’s technology. We support creative innovators as they move their ideas from the lab to the market.
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At enable, we are passionate about transformational technology and believe it has the potential to change people’s lives. We want to be part of that journey.

enable is the starting point. We provide funding and expertise to refine and advance early-stage technology. In this process, we support project leaders wishing to promote their research results through the granting of licenses to companies.


159 projects
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105 internships
3.2 M funidng


Get financial support

We offer early-stage funding to help refine an invention or develop a prototype, validate applications, or de-risk a project.

Build your team

We finance interns from different backgrounds to join entrepreneurs to benefit from an outsider’s perspective and expertise.

Work in partnership

We want to be there with you as you grow your idea – providing expertise and guidance along the journey.



Head of program

Passionate about new technologies, Eric has a solid experience as developer in the aeronautics, automotive, biotech and medtech fields.

He has always cultivated a pragmatic approach to develop technological products. He is particularly passionate about the transformation of knowledge and concepts into products and services that meet unmet needs.

He likes to share ideas and is enthusiastic about accompanying all project leaders who wish to valorize their research results.

Administrative program manager

Sarah is enable’s go-to person. She is always eager to help and support innovators and students.

Sarah concentrates on the program financials, hiring and contracting.

Sarah has travelled the world, and worked in international corporations in Switzerland and South America. 


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