Integrated Actuators Laboratory (LAI)

The LAI is specialized in modeling and design optimization of rotating and linear electric and piezoelectric motors and actuators, in a power range from µW up to several kW.

Current position:

Master Project between Paris-Saclay and EPFL


LAI  Research Activities

At LAI we address:
• Rotating and Linear Motors • Piezoelectric and Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) Based Actuators • Drives and Converters • Medium- and Radio-Frequency Solutions
At LAI we focus on:
• Modelling and Optimizing Designs Using Deterministic Methods or Stochastic Ones • Sensorless Solutions for BLDC Motors Exploiting a Broad Set of Electromagnetic Phenomena (Magnetic Anisotropy, Local Hysteresis Loops) • Bearing-less Solutions • Machine Learning and Neural Networks (Deep-Learning, Convolutional Networks) • Micro Electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS)

The LAI is specialized in modeling (using developed analytical models and FEM) and design optimization of rotating and linear electric motors and actuators. The design optimization is performed using deterministic methods (based on various gradient methods – the commercial software ProDesign) or stochastic ones (a genetic algorithm developed by the LAI members, or design for (…)

The combination of existing technologies and the use of new smart materials leads to new innovative devices.In the field of piezoelectric actuators, two main axes of research are followed. One axis addresses the generation of a touch feeling: a piezoelectric actuator generates vibrations on a touch screen so that the user feels a modified friction (…)