Integrated Actuators Laboratory (LAI)

The LAI is specialized in modeling and design optimization of rotating and linear electric and piezoelectric motors and actuators, in a power range from µW up to several kW.


LAI  Research Activities

At LAI we address:
• Rotating and Linear Motors
• Piezoelectric and Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) Based Actuators
• Drives and Converters
• Medium- and Radio-Frequency Solutions
At LAI we focus on:
• Modelling and Optimizing Designs Using Deterministic Methods or Stochastic Ones
• Sensorless Solutions for BLDC Motors Exploiting a Broad Set of Electromagnetic Phenomena (Magnetic Anisotropy, Local Hysteresis Loops)
• Bearing-less Solutions
• Machine Learning and Neural Networks (Deep-Learning, Convolutional Networks)
• Micro Electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS)