Integrated Actuators Laboratory (LAI)

The LAI is specialized in modeling (using developed analytical models and FEM) and design optimization of rotating and linear electric and piezoelectric motors and actuators. The power range is from several kW (electric traction) down to uW (MEMS – batch-processed motor placed on a silicon chip).

LAI Research Activities


Small electromechanical and piezoelectric moving devices and their drives

Severe constraints imposed by device specifications (small volume, high efficiency, simplicity) require a device design optimization which combines a reliable optimization algorithm with a device mathematical model.

Contactless energy transfer

The principle of contactless energy transfer is simple: to supply a moving device containing a set of secondary coils using a set of primary ones (“air transformer”). The design of those systems is, however, always confronted with a relatively weak magnetic coupling (small mutual inductance) between the coils due to their variable mutual position and large air gaps.