Design of innovative haptic peripherals for multi-finger applications

 CTI project in collaboration with Logitech SA

Project description

With the aim of providing a new touch experience to the user, several haptic devices are developed, including a complete force feedback keyboard and vibrotactile touch sensors. A specific methodology is proposed to optimize linear short-stroke actuators, flat vibrators and other electromechanical actuators. Several position detection methods are developed to allow for an accurate impedance control of miniature force feedback buttons.


Force feedback keyboard: self sensing

Y. Chevallier 


Design de l’électronique de commande d’un hélicoptère de 7.2g

Y. Bergem 


PC-Keyboard with force feedback: Sensorless position detection by current measurement

M. Stöck 


Haptic glove for virtual reality using magneto-rheological fluid actuators

G. Safar 


Development of a motorized binding for ski touring auto-adapting its height with the slope

S. Allemand 


Novel small display using ferrofluid deformations as a visual information vector

F. Caloz 


Haptic glove for virtual reality using magneto-rheological fluid actuators

K. Jamolli 


Multi-Finger Haptic Devices Integrating Miniature Short-Stroke Actuators

G. Savioz / Y. Perriard (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2012. 

Embedded ultra-low power driver for a 7.2g helicopter and IrDA remote control

P. Clerc 


Clavier à retour de force

P. Moser