IPOF: Intelligent Pressure Offloading Footwear

There are 250’000 non-traumatic, diabetes-related, lower extremity amputations annually in Europe, of which 85% are preventable. Elevated plantar pressures unnoticed by the patient because of neuropathy are linked to 94% of amputations. Pressure relief is the most important, but at the same time, the most difficult intervention to obtain for foot ulceration prevention and treatment. The intelligent pressure offloading footwear, we developed in collaboration with the Geneva University Hospitals is designed to automatically sense and redistribute plantar pressure. The targeted product would also be aesthetically similar to standard shoes, increasing user adherence.

  • Field: Medical devices and Microengineering
  • Laboratory: Integrated Actuators Laboratory (STI-IEM-LAI)
  • Project leader: Yoan Civet
  • Budget: 24’500.00 CHF