Executive Master in Global Supply Chain Management (MAS)



The executive Master theoretical program consists of 14 modules, with learning happening both in the classroom and remotely to extend the practical and methodological knowledge of the participants.

These modules cover the latest developments in theory, tools and best practice in Global Supply Chain Management. The subjects are tackled concretely by case studies presented by business professionals and are developed from a methodological point of view by professors from EPFL and other universities involved in the program.

At the end of each theoretical part, a qualifying exam synthetizes the material taught during the 14 modules of theory. The exams are designed to be as practical as possible for Supply Chain Professionals.


Once the theoretical part is successfully accomplished, students must accomplish a practical project within a company.

This project should be completed successfully over a minimum of 20 weeks. It gives students additional work experience and is also a prerequisite for obtaining the Executive Master.

The project goal is to carry out a practical study or research demonstrating high scientific capabilities, engineering knowledge and managerial skills. The project is operational and strategically oriented.

Part-time format

We have changed the format to part-time to facilitate applied learning.

Duration: 15 Months : Jan – March of the following year

Classroom Presence: approximately 55 days (20 weekends + 3 full weeks)
Fridays and Saturdays from 09:15 – 17:15, every second week

Remote Learning: Every other weekend, when not in classroom remote & blended learning is required.


  • 13 Modules + 2 Group Projects (60 ECTS)
  • Master Thesis for Company – Applied Learning Report (30 ECTS)
  • Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification is conferred

Company Visits: Throughout courses there are several company visits to bolster the learning experience.


Upon successful completion of this Executive Master in Global Supply Chain Management Master you should be able to:

  • Manage the supply chain effectively and efficiently from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective
  • Manage and optimise flows of People/materials/services/software/finance
  • Understand and be critically aware of digital Supply Chain and Supply Chain 4.0  future cyber physical systems and their impact in the Supply Chain of the future
  • Create and optimise value for products & services
  • Anticipate risk, react, adapt and innovate in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Collaboratively lead change,  cross functionally and internationally
  • Distinguish between the various supply chain analytical tools and apply them in order to optimise decision-making in terms of strategy, risk, cost and return on investment.


The program is given in English in Lausanne and in French/English in Paris. More details on the program schedules for Paris can be found at http://www.aftral.com/ecoles/iml.

Although the course is given in English in Lausanne, in exceptional cases, French may be used in documents and lectures as well as on the occasion of industry visits. Therefore, knowledge of French language is an asset.


For more information on the next master, please email us at [email protected]