Cargo Bike Band

The Cargo Bike Band is a group of artists and engineers building instrumental, artistic and ecological creations on cargo bikes at EPFL since 2018. Join our team and perform with us on campus and during our 2021 summer tour !
Cargo Bike Band

The Cargo Bike Band at Yvoire (France) during the 2020 summer tour.

The Cargo Bike Band is looking for new members!
Whether you are a musician, engineer, dancer, actor, painter or circus artist, come and join our 2021 summer tour in the Alps and work on our creations for the EPFL public!


The Cargo Bike Band (CBB) is a troupe of artists, engineers and creators on bikes. During the year, the collective works at EPFL to construct new creations and give original performances on campus. Every summer, the group goes on tour in the Swiss and French Alps, spreading good artistic vibes on their way.

We are building sustainable and eco-friendly creations and performances. Indeed, we only travel by bicycle, a silent and low-polluting mode of transport. No “tour bus” or van ! During the construction phase of our installations, we also put great attention on the choice of materials and the energy saving of our audio system. But it is mostly through our contact with the public during our Disco Soupes, velorutions and concerts in ZADs, ecovillages or farms that this message is being carried.

Join us!



At EPFL, the Cargo Bike Band is supported by Durability EPFL via the Act4Change Lab and by the AGEPoly via the commission Musical. We also thank the ArtLab, the EM+, the PVLab, the IGP, the SKIL and the point vélo for their various supports.


Do not hesitate and reach out to us, whether you are interested in knowing more about the Cargo Bike Band, booking us or even joining our collective !

[email protected]
+33 7 77 84 67 66 (Arthur Parmentier)
+41 77 501 92 99 (Valentin Prost)