Sciences and Technology

Equal opportunities are an integral part of EPFL’s development and excellence policy.

Promoting equal opportunities in terms of access to studies in Sciences and Technology is also an element of EPFL’s contribution to society and to the economy of the region and of Switzerland.

EPFL is committed to equal opportunities in terms of access to education, and in particular to increasing the ratio of women in technological fields and to facilitating access to studies for students from all social backgrounds.

To reach that objective, the Equal Opportunities Office cooperates with the different EPFL units involved, in particular:

    • The Science Outreach Department (SPS),
    • Educational Affairs (DAF VPA),
    • Student Affairs (SAE).


Female Leadership in Science

Female Leadership in Science portraits 50 women professors at EPFL, at the occasion of EPFL’s 50th anniversary.



As beautifully said by Physiology and Medicine Nobel Prize winner, Rita Levi-Montalcini:
“After centuries of dormancy, young women … can now look toward a future moulded by their own hands.”