In order for an idea to flourish, it needs to be developed in the right environment. By incubating at an EPFL Laboratory, with access to world class facilities and backed by experienced scientific advisors, we believe your project can really thrive.

Pre-seed funding

We offer funding to help transform ideas into the companies of tomorrow.  We provide two funding schemes to help entrepreneurs seeking to accelerate their ideas out of an EPFL lab, unlocking their true potential.

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Ignition Grants

Validate your project from the beginning


Accelerate your journey from lab to market

Open calls for projects

We partner to provide funding opportunities on specific themes. Don’t wait for the opportunity to come to you – seize it today.


EPFL/Wyss call

We invest in the neuro technologies of tomorrow, and accelerate the journey from bench to market.

Prix Isabelle Musy

We recognize women entrepreneurs in science and technology.

Other funding opportunities

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Innogrants since 2005


Ignition Grants since 2020

Meet some of our entrepreneurs

ND BioSciences The EPFL Spinoff is developing innovative technologies for early diagnostics and therapies for neurodegenerative diseases.

SUN Bioscience, a biotech company that provides next generation cell culture platforms, specializes on making three-dimensional organotypic cultures faster, more efficient and more reproducible in order to develop better drugs and to define their efficacy in a patient-specific manner.

Largo Films, an EPFL spin-off, unveiled its data-assisted movie-making software to producers and other movie-industry specialists today at the Berlin Film Festival.