Subsidies on regional passes

EPFL employees in Ecublens can apply for a 25% subsidy on the purchase of their monthly or annual Mobilis pass, provided that it includes the tariff zone of the campus: Ecublens (Mobilis, zone 12).

EPFL employees in Neuchâtel and Sion can apply for a 15% subsidy on the purchase of a regional public transport pass:

  • Neuchâtel (Onde Verte, including zone 10)
  • Sion (Bus Sédunois or CarPostal, route pass including Sion)

Discount vouchers, to be redeemed at dedicated points of sale at the time of purchase, can be requested on myCAMIPRO in the “Public Transport” tab.


About regional public transport

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Mobilis (Canton of Vaud)

Within the Mobilis Vaud tariff community, a single pass allows you to travel on most public transport in the Canton of Vaud, amongst which the SBB, TL and MBC.

Onde Verte (Canton of Neuchâtel)

Within the Onde Verte Neuchâtel tariff community, a single pass allows you to travel on any public transport. The price of your ticket or pass varies based on the number of zones you cross.

CarPostal (Canton of Valais)

There is no tariff community in Valais. In Sion, regional public transport is operated by CarPostal and Bus Sédunois amongst others.


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