Entry requirements

Admission Requirements

Holders of a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or in a scientific discipline such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Life Sciences are eligible to apply for admission in the Master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Applicants should all have demonstrated a high level of intellectual ability and strong analytical skills. They should also have a solid background in statistics, probability theory and linear algebra.

The curriculum of the MTE program is entirely in English. Consequently, applicants must be able to understand rapidly spoken English, read English with ease and be able to express themselves in English both orally and in writing. Success in an international examination of English such as the TOEFL is a plus but not mandatory for admission in the MTE.

Holders of a degree of a Swiss University of Applied Sciences are not eligible to apply for the MTE Master.

EPFL general admission requirements

Disciplinary minor

The curriculum of the MTE master includes a mandatory disciplinary minor that must be made in the field of the bachelor by selecting Master level courses in one of the Master programs offered at EPFL. The field of the disciplinary minor is decided by the MTE admission committee but before applying, the candidates must verify if their field of study is taught at EPFL by checking the list of the possible disciplinary minors (“Minor” file). Minors in Financial Engineering and in Management, Technology & Entrepreneurship are not open to MTE master students.

Holders of a Master’s degree in Engineering or in one of the above mentioned scientific disciplines will have to do the Minor in Systems Engineering. A disciplinary or an interdisciplinary minor can also be chosen, with the prior approval of the MTE section. If the disciplinary minor is chosen, it must be made in a different field than that of the master.

Specific requirements for EPFL students

To be admitted in the MTE master, EPFL students will need to have a minimum average grade of 4.5 (average grade over the entire Bachelor’s). This criteria is however not a guarantee of admission as the quality of application, the relevance of the followed Bachelor’s compared to the Master’s of interest, and the motivation of the candidate will also be assessed by the admission committee.

Current EPFL bachelor students who have applied for the MTE Master and who have not been admitted to the program will nonetheless be accepted in the Master program of their original field of study.

Intensive French course

An intensive-language course is offered to all accepted candidates. It starts 4 weeks before the beginning of the semester.


To graduate from the MTE Master, students need to obtain 120 credits divided into 90 credits for coursework and 30 credits for the Master’s thesis.


Usual EPFL tuition

Financial aid & scholarships

Questions related to financial support & scholarships can be found at the Student Affairs Department.

Coming from abroad

Questions related to housing, visa or residential permits.

Online application

The application process is entirely online, in either French or English.

Documents sent by email or fax will not be considered.

Application Deadlines

Application can be filled from mid-November to the 15th of December, or from the 16th of December to the 15th of April.

Online application process


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