RDM quick start

What is Research Data Management?

Factual records: numerical scores, textual records, images, sounds, protocols, source code, etc. (OECD)
Research Data
Data used as primary sources for scientific research, and commonly accepted in the scientific community to validate research findings (OECD)
Research Data Management (RDM)
The care and maintenance of the research data during the research cycle (UC Berkeley Library)


What can the EPFL Library do for you?

RDM support & advice
The Research Data Library Team can support your research with expertise on a large range of subjects related to data and code. If you need info or to review your DMP, or want in-lab support to optimize your data sharing, storage, publication, etc., check-out the RDM support & advice page.
RDM training & events
The Research Data Library Team collaborates with the best trainers to offer you a vast overview on data and code management. With scheduled or on-demand training offers, the offer at the RDM training & events page vary from introductory to specialized workshops and courses.
RDM software
There are plenty of solutions for many of the needs that researchers are facing. Check-out the RDM software page for links to digital tools and platforms useful for storing data, code versioning, publishing data, etc. Also, take a look at the programs developed by EPFL fellow researchers and do not hesitate to suggest other solutions.
RDM guides & templates
Discover templates to complete a DMP, guidelines of the major research funders, as well as our guides to walk you through the management of data. Check-out the RDM guides & templates page.
RDM contacts & community
Do not hesitate to contact the Research Data Library Team, or to get involved in the EPFL communities with interest in data and code. Check-out the RDM contacts & community page and share your doubts, requests, needs or curiosity about anything around data.