3rd year of Bachelor GC projects

Project portal: registration for GC projects

The “GC Project” is a personal and practical students’ work at the end of the Bachelor degree. It takes place during the last semester of Bachelor (BA6). It allows students to use and summarize all the knowledge obtained during their undergraduate studies.
This project is chosen by each student from a list of proposals covering all fields of Civil Engineering.
All proposals of projects’ topics are accessible for students of Civil Engineering through a secure access on IS-Academia http://is-academia.epfl.ch/, under the “project portal” tab (see the registration calendar below).
Students logging into the portal will, according to their groups (study field), only see the projects that will take place in the coming semester. The student may go through the projects, register and obtain informations about the state of their registration.
We also want to remind the students, that they always have the option to propose a new original project to the concerned teachers.

Registration calendar for GC projects

The spring semester registration calendar is as follows:

  • Monday 3rd of December 2018: Students may start project browsing on the portal (between 3rd of December 2018 and the 14th of January 2019, project offers may still be modified)
  • From Monday 14th of January 2019 to Monday 11th of February 2019: Student registration period.
  • From Monday 11th of February to Friday the 1st of March 2019: student-supervisor discussions, project validation, students register projects on their course plan*
  • Friday the 1st  of March 2019: deadline for course registrations (projects included) for the Fall semester of 2019
  • Saturday 2nd of March 2019: Projects no longer visible to students

*N.B.: When a student’s registration is accepted for a project, he then needs to register his project into his study plan on IS-Academia.