Mechanical subsystem

Mechanical structure

The mechanical assembly concept used in CubETH was developed by eSpace partner ELSE SA.  The structure allows a flexible and reliable assembly of different subsystems of the satellites in a versatile configuration.

Antenna Deployment System

The Antenna Deployment System (ADS) is one of the most complex mechanical parts of CubETH.  Like SwissCube, CubETH is launched with antennas rolled up and held by a fishing wire.  Once in orbit, a heating resistor is used to melt the wires, releasing the antennas.  As this is effectively the only moving part of CubETH, a lot of effort is spent to properly chacterize the behaviour of the system, and make sure that it is reliable.  The figure below shows several iterations of the ADS.  And make to see the video of the deployment!


Photos of several generations of Antenna Deployment Systems

Students projects on CubETH mechanical subsystem

Master thesis

  • Spring 2015, Nicolas Vaucher, CubETH: ADS development

Semester projects

  • Fall 2015, Riccardo Formenti, ADS development
  • Fall 2015, Nicolas Vaucher, ADS development
  • Fall 2015, David Imstepf, Design of the structural model of CubETH
  • Fall 2015, Sebastian Von Rohr, CubETH CornerCubes support design