Procedure for students

The engineering internship is a necessary step of your master’s degree curriculum in Civil Engineering and has to take place between the end of the bachelor’s degree and the start of your Master thesis.

All information of the internship (including the internship agreement) must be registered by the student in IS-Academia before the start of the internship.

  • Find an internship using the “secure access” to the internship portal (IS-Academia) or on your own
  • Find a person in charge of the internship among the EPFL professors or MERs of the Civil Engineering section. State him the content and the conditions of the internship so that he will be able to validate it.
  • Inform all companies where you postulated that you are no longer interested. This step is very important in order to maintain good relations with possible future employers.
  • Give the EPFL “tripartite internship agreement” to the company that will hire you and make your employer and your EPFL person in charge sign it before the beginning of the internship. The signing from the three sides is mandatory.
  • If you are not a Swiss or EU-country citizen, ask the company to help you obtain a working authorization. More information here.
  • Once all details concerning your internship are known, enter or edit the information about your internship on IS-Academia, in particular the starting and ending date of your internship.
    NB: if your internship is divided into two parts, you need to enter the ending date of the second part. Do not forget to upload on IS-Academia a pdf copy of the internship contract correctly signed.
  • If your internship takes place during a semester, make sure your FRAC is up to date.
  • At the end of your internship, fill the evaluation form, which will be send to you by email. NB: the evaluation procedure begins two weeks before the official end of the internship. It includes a complete individual evaluation online by the student and the employer.
  • Write an internship report and give it to your person in charge from EPFL before the end of two weeks after the end of the internship.