Elisabetta Iavarone

Elisabetta Iavarone is a PhD Student in the Cells team in the Simulation Neuroscience Division.


Elisabetta is working on the development of a biophysically detailed model of the somatosensory thalamo-cortical loop. In particular, she is focusing of experimental data analysis and integration in order to build and simulate models of single neurons and their synaptic connections.

She has a Master’s degree in Neurobiology and a Bachelors in Biology from the University of Pavia, Italy. In addition, she has a diploma in advanced studies from the Institute for Advanced Studies of Pavia – Scuola Superiore IUSS.

Outside of work, Elisabetta runs marathons, plays the piano and enjoys photography and travelling.

Selected Publications

A framework for collaborative curation of neuroscientific literature
Christian O’Reilly, Elisabetta Iavarone and Sean Hill