About M2C


Switzerland has a strong manufacturing economy, which serves as a model for how manufacturing can thrive despite high labor costs. Yet, Switzerland faces challenges from emerging manufacturing nations and also from technological advances that reduce the edge that Swiss technical skill and expertise bring to its manufacturing economy. In order to strengthen Switzerland manufacturing activities, significant investment in science and R&D is required. Other technologically advanced countries are also taking action to strengthen their manufacturing activities and the European Commission has identified Advanced Manufacturing Systems (AMS) as the sixth crosscutting Key Enabling Technology (KET) besides five other technologies of current critical relevance. The M2C responds to the need of the Swiss Industry in the frame of the strategic initiative of the ETH Board on advanced manufacturing for 2017-2020.


The M2C aims at addressing critical scientific and technological challenges for the future of manufacturing. It builds on the pool of talent and expertise of its members to launch advanced manufacturing research programs that places specific focus on high-precision micro-manufacturing, an area of critical importance in which Switzerland must continue to excel. The M2C ensures efficient technology transfer to industry and develops new education offer from training to new PhD program. Located on the EPFL Microcity site in Neuchâtel, M2C is a first phase toward the creation of the Swiss Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (SAMARC), to be housed within the frame of the Swiss Innovation Park West EPFL, in a new 11’000 m2 building to be build for 2020 on the Jaquet-Droz 7 site owned by the Confederation.