Profiles management

Brief description

calendar syncronization and notifications in case of absence

How to access


From the tab « Profiles» of Absences

Personal informations

On the page « Profiles », you can find the following informations :

  • You SCIPER
  • Your canton of employment
  • Your work units

On the top left :

  • The activity log : the list of the activities on Absences
  • Absences résumé of the year : summary table (according to the chosen dates) which is display the holiday résumé, compensations, public holidays, absences, unpaid leave, extra hours

Active units

Show details of the employee’s unit

  • Admins : admins of your unit
  • Group : group of your unit
  • Profile/Roles : profiles and roles of your unit
  • Absences and balances validated by : persons in charge of absence validation

Add a substitute

  • The assignment
  • The name of the substitute
    • Within the list of the unit
    • By typing the name or the SCIPER in the search bar


Agenda synchronization : enable you to synchronize Absence agenda with your EPFL agenda (using the url of your agenda). Exchange agenda is automaticaly synchronized.


Notifications : enable you to send email notifications to the required people to inform them of your absence