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Edition 2018 – A great success !

The last edition of the Physics Day was a great success! More than 200 persons attended the high quality talks – undergrads, PhD students and professors. Three posters have been valuated by the jury composed of four speakers of the day. Congratulations to

  • Kevin Roux for ‘Towards strongly interacting Fermi gas coupled to an optical resonator’
  • Katharina Schneider
  • Colas Droin for ‘Deciphering the Phase Dynamics of Two Coupled Biological Oscillators’Below you can find the video footage of the main talks. You can also find some pictures from the event here. We would like to thank you all for your enthusiastic participation and see you next year!

    Claude Cohen-Tannoudji : Manipulating atoms with light

    Eric Lutz : Irreversibility and the quantum arrow of time

    Joao Penedones : Thought experiments about particle collisions

    Yiwen Chu : Quantum acoustics

Physics Day 2018

On October 1st 2018, EPFL will host the second edition of the Physics Day in the Rolex Learning Center. The event will bring together leading scientists from academia. The program will lead you for a travel through the physics landscape, from quantum physics to the infinitesimally large, from fundamental to experimental physics.

This year, it is our pleasure to host Mr. Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Nobel Laureate in 1997. We will also have the occasion to hear about quantum acoustics, thermodynamics at a single atom level, recent developments in string theory and the first spectroscopic observation of anti-matter at CERN. A complete program and list of speakers can be found here and here.

Bachelor, Master, PhD students, researchers from EPFL and other Swiss universities are most welcome to join and present their work during our poster session. To register, please click on this link.

Throughout the day, the Irrotationnels (Association of students in physics) will entertain you together with the winners of the 2018 International Physicists’ Tournament. A lunch will be offered to all registered participants, and the event will be closed on a traditional apéro. Take advantage of this happening to learn more and rediscover physics !