Infinity Room I

From 12 April to 28 July, 2019
Central Pavilion

The photographs in the book Perspectives on EPFL
through an augmented staging

On the occasion of EPFL’s distinctive 50th year, ArtLab celebrates the campus and its histories with bifold exhibitions. The Infinity Room projects are stimulated by the concept ∞ honouring the scientific spirit for ideas without bounds.

Infinity Room I reflects this intention through the lens of three contemporary photographers:

Olivier Christinat
Bogdan Konopka
Catherine Leutenegger

Each artist undertook extended residencies in campus-wide explorations that took place throughout 2018.  The results are penetrating images encapsulating the expressive energy of people at work, the multifaceted dimensions of science in the making and a striking architectural presence that has come to define the campus worldwide.

Christinat captured over 10,000 impressions of daily life and from this multitude of images rescues back for us salient views of the social. Seeking an elusive and vanishing light, Konopka meticulously arrested architectural forms onto light-sensitive silver salt emulsions. And Leutenegger infiltrated the microscopic worlds of science to expose the intricate objects of research.

The timely imprints in Infinity Room I were originally commissioned as a book by the EPFL President Martin Vetterli, conceived in collaboration with Musée de l’Elysée Lausanne. Through an experimental staging of Perspectives on EPFL at ArtLab, these photographs find new form. By moving ‘outside of the frame’ this assemblage of augmented perspectives and juxtapositions offer us fresh spaces for interpretation and sources for celebration.

Infinity Room II will be opened in September 2019.

Conceived and designed by ArtLab director: Sarah Kenderdine
Curatorial assistant and production: Giulia Bini
Management and exhibition coordination: Anne-Gaëlle Lardeau
Mediacom: Corinne Feuz & Christine Metzler
Technical lead: Patrick Chouard
Technical support: Julien Longchamp
Administrative Assistants: Aurélie Nicoulaz & Stéphanie Romon
Communication web: Virginie Martin Nunez
Coordination aquarium: Andrew Oates, Xavier Warot and their team

Graphic design/ Design graphique: Robert Preusse & Stefanie Rau (
3D rendering: Antoine Foeglé & Emma Pflieger
Augmented reality, application and content: Sarah Kenderdine, Leoson Cheong, Paul Bourke, Pablo de Heras Ciechomski
Post-production moving images: Pablo Perez (Bogdan Konopka), Nicolas Wintsch (Olivier Christinat)
Livecam by Roundshot: Urs Krebs & Christian Balistreri
Installation: Gérard Gailland (GTM Technique Montage) & Vincent Jaccoud (Novland)
Printing: EPFL Print Center (myclimate certified)

ArtLab thanks the artists, professors, scientists, support staff and students who contributed to the exhibition production and operation.

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