Traceability and Maintenance


Decontamination Monitoring and Traceability (according to Federal regulations)

In order to control the progress of each autoclaving cycle during waste decontamination, temperature and pressure are carefully monitored during all the cycle with a control probe.

At the end of the decontamination run, each bag or waste container is labeled with an identification mentioning the type of waste, the date, the autoclave ID and the batch number corresponding to the specific cycle.

All decontamination parameters are carefully controlled. If a decontamination run happens to be invalidated, the concerned waste will go through a complete second autoclaving cycle.

All the data is available to our users upon request.

Equipment Control

In order to guarantee the proper decontamination of the waste treated by our Facility, the equipment goes through regular controls and maintenance.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Off load tests, allowing the equipment proper functioning validation, are performed on each autoclave at the beginning of every week;
  • Regular follow up and services are performed on all our equipment by the SV Workshop technicians;
  • An external specialized company executes a yearly qualification of our autoclaves.

All the data concerning our equipment, cycles and services are available to our users upon request.