Imaging Retreat 2021

The next Imaging Faculty Retreat will take place on Friday August 27, 2021, in Pully.

Date: Friday August 27, 2021.

Place: Centre Général Guisan, Pully (VD).

Invitation only.

For any information, please contact: [email protected]


The retreat will take place at the Centre Général Guisan (Pully, VD) provided the sanitary situation at the end of August allows.

The place is accessible by public transportation (bus 8 or 24, stop at Tour Haldimand). 

Information for SV faculties: In coordination with the SV deanship, we’ll give you access to a dedicated room from 12:00 to 14:00 where you can attend your Faculty meeting remotely. Sandwiches will be provided. 


Morning (09:00-12:00)


Coffees and Croissants 



Missions and ongoing actions of the EPFL Center for Imaging

by the Steering Committee of the Center for Imaging. 


Coffee break


Working groups (Session 1) on strategic focus areas for interdisciplinary initiatives in imaging

with two 10′ introductory talks on ongoing efforts: Prof. Devis Tuia on “Earth observation at EPFL” and Prof. Andy Oates on “Smart microscopy at EPFL”. 

Lunch (12:00-14:00)

See also Information for SV faculties above. 

Afternoon (14:00-18:30)


Working groups (Session 2) on joint resources and increased support in image analysis

with 10′ introductory talk by Dr. Daniel Sage (Center for Imaging): “Brief overview of existing tools and resources”.


Coffee break


Working groups (Session 3) on common strategies for image handling (incl. storage) and sharing of software

with 10′ introductory talk by Dr. Arne Seitz (BIOP): “Data Management with OMERO: a test case at the BIOP”.


General discussion and concluding word

led by the Steering Committee of the Center for Imaging.