Practical information

Practical information


The tickets are nominative and non-transferable.

When registering online (with the code received by e-mail during the 2nd half of August), it will be possible to obtain up to 3 tickets maximum (1 GRADUATE ticket and 1-2 GUEST tickets). A waiting list will be in place to receive up to one additional ticket, depending on availability.


All the car parks on campus are available on the day of the Magistrale, except the Rivier and Esplanade car parks.


Unless for medical reasons, it is not permitted to bring animals into the SwissTech Convention Center or campus rooms.


If you cannot participate in the Magistrale, it is possible to pick up your unique gift from the Wednesday following the Magistrale at the Accueil-Information de l’Esplanade (proff of ID required). If you would like somebody to pick up your gift for you, please contact [email protected] from the Monday following the Magistrale to find out how to proceed.