Certificates of Advanced Studies

Gain specialist skills through a modular format in either management of supply chain or life sciences.

Why Certificates of Advanced Studies?

  • You are a professional working in either supply chain or life sciences
  • You want the knowledge and the tools to lead positive changes in your company
  • You seek learning that fits round your commitments whilst helping you to build personal connections in your industry
  • You want access to the latest developments and best practices in your field
  • You want to co-create a future built on Sustainable Resilient Value Chains”.

Format: 5 x 3-day modules over 6 months.

This CAS offers life science professionals the tools to bring the highest levels of managerial competence to their work whilst broadening their knowledge of cutting-edge developments in their field in a targeted modular format.

Topics include:

  • Strategic alliances, partnership and outsourcing
  • Managing data for value in life sciences
  • Clinical Trial Management & Regulatory Affairs
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
  • Intellectual Property Management in Life Sciences

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Format: 4 x 3 days on campus (Thu, Fri, Sat) for each CAS

These certificates deliver sustainable solutions toolkits to professionals keen to stay ahead of the curve in the changing world of Global Supply Chain Management and Smart Manufacturing.

Topics include:

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