Certificates of Advanced Studies

Gain specialist skills through a modular format in either management of supply chain or Biotech, Medtech and Pharma Ventures.

Why Certificates of Advanced Studies?

  • You are a professional working in either supply chain or biotech/medtech/pharma
  • You want the knowledge and the tools to lead positive changes in your company
  • You seek learning that fits round your commitments whilst helping you to build personal connections in your industry
  • You want access to the latest developments and best practices in your field
  • You want access to EPFL’s Master in Supply Chain management, its tuition and practitioners on a modular basis.

Format: 5 x 3-day modules over 6 months.

This CAS offers Biotech, Medtech and Pharma professionals the tools to bring the highest levels of managerial competence to their work whilst broadening their knowledge of cutting-edge developments in their field in a targeted modular format.

Topics include:

  • Strategic alliances, partnership and outsourcing
  • Managing data for value in life sciences
  • Clinical Trial Management & Regulatory Affairs
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
  • Intellectual Property Management in Life Sciences

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Format: 14 days over 2-3 months.

These certificates offer supply chain professionals access to the latest developments, tools and best practices in global supply chain management in a targeted modular format.

Topics include:

  • CAS in Global Supply Chain Management
  • CAS in Supply Chain Analytics and Greenbelt
  • CAS in Supply Chain 4.0 Innovation and Digitisation
  • CAS in Supply Chain 4.0 Leading Sustainable Change
  • CAS in Healthcare Supply Chain Management

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