FAQ – SV Store

Questions regarding the SV Store

The reception of the SV Store is located in room SV0508.

The recetpion desk of the SV Store is open fro attendance Monday to Friday from 2:00PM to 5:00PM. In case of emergency in the mornings, users may be attended by ringing the bell at the reception in room SV 0508.

The SV Store services are mainly destined to the laboratories of the SV School. However, users from other EPFL Schools and departments are able to order from the Biobars and internal supplies. SV and non-SV users have to place all orders through the Catalyse ordering system. Accounts are automatically created by clicking on the Catalyse tab within Sesame.

Questions regarding Catalyse

User accounts are automatically created by clicking on the Catalyse tab within Sesame.

When creating an account, an user guide is sent by email. When logging in the system, tutorials are available on the Catalyse homepage.

At the moment no courses are organized on Catalyse. Once logged in the system, the homepage has some tutorials available. In addition the personnel of the SV Store remains available for any question or assistance request.

SV Store internal supplies may be ordered through Catalyse on its Sciquest module, which is accessible by clicking the shopping cart icon “Laboratory consumables and equipments“. Products may then be searched on the Source Search bar. Once the results are displayed, internal supplies of the SV Store can be shortlisted by clicking on the Stockroom icon on the left.

Questions on orders

Yes, any supplier may be chosen to place an order.

The Strategic Purchasing Office (DABS) negociates prices and conditions for  EPFL with most common suppliers. Collaborators of the SV Store in charge of tactical purchasing are also in charge of negotiating conditions and prices on individual articles.

Stationary (Lyreco or économat) have to be ordered through the Sesame purchasing platform (Achats Catalogue). Articles are delivered at the SV Store by the postal services.

All orders of computers and IT supplies have to go through the SV-IT Service, either by requesting the purchase to the helpdesk or by filling the order form here.

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Questions on mail, shipments and deliveries